This summer I went on a Civil Rights trip.  We went to many beautiful places and met some really amazing people. Being able to go to these places and see things from our own history was really interesting.


            When we visited Memphis, Tennessee, we were able to visit the National Civil Rights Museum.  The Museum is located at The Lorraine Motel, where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.  I was amazed by how Martin Luther King Jr. and others would stand up for themselves.  As we went through the museum, I thought about how horrible people of color were treated in the past, and how people, even now, treat people of color with prejudice to this day.


            After we left Memphis, we traveled to Washington D.C.  We saw many monuments and memorials, but the cool thing was, we got to visit them at 3 a.m. when they were all lit up and not crowded.  As we walked through our nation’s capital, we stopped and read about the different memorials and why they were there.


            We visited the United States Holocaust Museum. It was interesting, but also very depressing. Seeing how the Jewish People were treated, brutalized, and killed really got to me. I cried while we were there, thinking about how all these innocent families were murdered. Being able to learn about our country's history and how it impacts society now is really important.


            While we traveled, I also tried many different foods.  Some were pretty good while others were not my favorite. I am going to remember going on this trip not only because I learned things about my heritage and history, but also because it was my very first time going out of state.